Solo Travel Means Growth

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Traveling alone is a luxury of making your own decisions, never having to compromise, loads of selfies (no one to take pictures w/ remember), and possibly a lot of silence, a hint of loneliness, and even more self-reflection and in my opinion personal growth.

My weekend excursions while living in China was the first time I learned how to be alone. I mean physically alone, with no smart phone, in another country, by your self.

5 Benefits to Travelling Solo

1. Time

I’m very much a morning person, I like getting an early start and I hate waiting around for you to get ready. When I’m by myself, I start out early and that alone gifts me so much time in the day.

The odds that we both want to spend the exact same amount of time doing something, or looking at something is high unlikely. you just get to be on your own time, eat when you want, find a toilet when you need to – not, when they want to.


There’s so much pressure to indulge when you’re traveling. Try everything, eat everything. Let’s go out drinking, and let’s drink a lot. But, sometimes I just want to find a fruit market and eat that for lunch.

When you’re determined to eat healthy, it’s a lot easier to stay true to your budget, and healthy meal choices. two people will choose Gelato way faster than one person, it’s science.

3. CEO Status

You can do what you want, when you want. I love hiking, shopping, people watching, but I only like museums and I typically don’t like spending money on food, like I said I would  rather go to the local grocery store/mart. Now that I’m by myself, I can do what I want. I dictate the schedule. I once spent 4 hours sitting in a shopping mall watching people walk by, not something most people would “waste time” doing, but that’s the point, do what you want, when you want.

4. Silence

Especially on a long hiking trip, there’s no reason to talk out loud. Listening to nothing but your own so…empowering? powerful? numbing? inspiring? wonderful? enlightening? boring? …just…growth. all of it.

5. Socializing

The vibe. There’s a different Ora about a solo traveler, than a couple or some friends. Solo’s link-up. People are much more likely to approach you when you’re alone, and sometimes your more likely to do a lot more when you’re by yourself. It’s just much easier to join another group, when you’re solo.


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