Washington DC’s Next Restaurant Idea

Don’t thank me, just do this. Just please, please don’t turn this idea into a small plates restaurant.









The Chinese Crepe, the Egg Pancake, I like to call it Egg Bread, a literal translation from Jian Bing(煎饼). The different regions of China have a couple things in common, 1. Mandarin is the wide-spread and standardized language, so that and also 2. This amazing breakfast.

It’s only 6 kuai in Beijing, or $1. Everyone eats it, foreigners, children old people, everybody & all the time. It’s so oily, and crunchy and eggy and spicy (if you want) and good. You can add a hot dog if you want.

It just came to New York. and we need it in D.C. It’s a great food truck idea! It’s a great specialized restaurant idea!

All you need is the pancake crepe batter, some lettuce, some egg, some spicy sauce stuff, some green onion, chives, this layer of crunchy sheet material, and the rest is up to your creativity. This can get super gourmet.

There are loads of other Chinese snacks I desperately miss, and would love to have here in the U.S. Some not as common/widespread as others.

Chao Bing (stir-fried bread) anyone?


My Mouth is Watering and I miss BJ 😦


Bring me street food ! I’ll give you $ !


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